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Programme Schedule

Master Schedule for the International Conference on Advances In Industrial Engineering & Management (ICAIEM 2022) Organized by CET School of Management & Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering Trivandrum in Association with Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Trivandrum & Institute of Management in Kerala, University of Kerala during 18-20 March, 2022

March 18, 2022

8.30 AM - 9.30 AM


9.30 AM - 10.30 AM


10.30 AM -10.45 AM

Tea break

10.45 AM -11.30 AM

Inaugural Keynote Address:
Enabling Innovation for Sustainable Development
Prof.Dr.Jatinder Gupta
Professor, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama, USA

11.30 PM -12. 30 PM

Keynote Address:
Supply chain disruption and mitigation strategies
Dr. Ramesh Subramoniam
Clinical Associate Professor, Naveen Jindal School of Management, USA
The University of Texas at Dallas

12.30 PM - 1.30 PM

Lunch Break

1.30 PM -3 PM

Track I: Finance & Accounting I
Track VI: Human Resource Management

3. 00 PM- 4.30 PM

Track II: Finance & Accounting II

Track VII: Technology & Operations Management I

4.30 PM


March 19, 2022

9.30 AM - 10.30 AM

Keynote Address: Special purpose Acquisition Company
Professor of Finance, Charlton College of Business,
University of Massachusetts, USA

10.30 AM -11 AM

Tea break

11.00 AM -1 PM

Track III: Industrial Engineering

1.00 PM - 2.00 PM

Lunch Break

2.00 PM- 4 PM

Track IV : Marketing I
Track VIII: Technology & Operations Management II

4. 00 PM


March 20, 2022

9.30 AM - 10.30 AM

Keynote Address: Cyber security Risk Disclosure and Value Effect for Banks
Prof.Dr.Md Hamid Uddin
Associate Professor, University of Southampton, Malaysia

10.30 AM -11 AM

Tea break

11.00 AM -12.30PM

Track V : Marketing II

12.30 PM - 1.30 PM

Lunch Break

1.30 PM -2 .30 PM

Panel Discussion: Fintech Revolution: Ease of doing business
Dr. K.G Satheesh Kumar, Professor, Digital University, Kerala
Mr.Biju R S, Zand Bank, Dubai
Mr.Gautham Pillai, Goldman Sachs, UK
Mr. Sunil Cherian, Entrepreneur, USA
Mr.Jithesh , Head-Fintech, Federal Bank

2.30 PM - 3.30 PM

Valedictory Session

3.30 PM



Track I
Date: March 18, 2022 Time: 1.30 PM - 3 PM
Topic: Finance & Accounting I

Session Chair: Dr.Regi Kumar V
Session Co-chair: Dr.Vijaya S. Uthaman
Session Manager : Mr.Milan Sam Mathew

ICAIEM- 2022- 08

Surfing through the overtones of customer loyalty in mobile Banking

Unnimaya P Devan &
Manju Das S. K.

ICAIEM- 2022-14

A Study On The Impact Of Fomo Investor Behaviour In Kochi

Nidhin Johny&
Rahul Vancheeswaran

ICAIEM- 2022- 15

A Study On Level Of Tolerance Of Uncertainty Among Retail Investors In Kochi

Nidhin Johny&
Nivedh Premkumar

ICAIEM- 2022-16

A Study On The Impact Of Foreign Institutional Investors On Indian Stock Market Indices

Sreenish S. Ramaswamy &
Mekha Babu

ICAIEM- 2022-17

Technical Analysis of FMCG Stocks in India

Helen Mary Nelson &
Sreenish S. Ramaswamy

ICAIEM 2022-45

Risk Perception Of Mobile Banking Application

Abhilash V S, Raju G & Manjari S

ICAIEM-2022- 58

Accessing Financial Risk Tolerance from a Heuristics Theme Bias Perspective: A Study on Individual Investors of India

Abhijith R & Bijulal D


Track II
Date: March 18, 2022 Time: 3. 00 PM- 4.30 PM
Topic: Finance & Accounting II

Session Chair: Dr. Bijulal D
Session Co-chair: Dr. Raju G
Session Manager : Ms.Linda Susan Mathew

ICAIEM- 2022-22

Volatility Of Currency Futures Traded In Bse India

Surya Robert & S.Jayadev

ICAIEM- 2022-23

Assessment Of Awareness Level Of Financial Inclusion Schemes Among The Working Women - An Empirical Investigation In Palakkad District, Kerala

Frackson C Viyano,
Riyas K P & Muhammed Rasfan T

ICAIEM- 2022-28

A Study On The Impact Of Behavioural Finance On Risk Management With Special Reference To New Age Investment Platforms And Its Impact On The Youth

Abhirej J R Nair, Adhirej J R Nair, Gokul S A & Swaroop S Dharan

ICAIEM- 2022-21

Prediction of Credit Risk of Regional Rural Banks Using Gray Forecasting Model

Joshy Mathew K & Regi Kumar V

ICAIEM-2022- 52

Financial And Social Sustainability Of Indian Microfinance Institutions

Kavya C P & Vineetha S Das

ICAIEM-2022- 53

Exploration of Efficiency Analysis Tools for Various Banking Sectors

Harikrishna P S & Regi Kumar V

ICAIEM- 2022- 63

An Analysis on Oversubscription of Indian IPOs of 2021

Subi Suresh & Regi Kumar V


Track III
Date: March 19, 2022 Time: 11.00 AM -1 PM
Topic: Industrial Engineering

Session Chair: Dr.Binoosh S A
Session Co-chair: Dr.Vineetha S Das
Session Manager : Ms.GayatriRanjit

ICAIEM 2022-34

Significance of Industrial Safety

Balakrishnan Nair

ICAIEM- 2022- 62

Evolutionary Algorithmic Approach for Cyclone Shelter Location Allocation Problem

Vishvesh Khanzode, Vinayak Darvesh, Shyam Jawade, Swarup Panchal & Onkar Sonare

ICAIEM- 2022- 71

Zero Covid vs. Living with Covid: Impact on supply chain activities of R&D Organizations

Anil Kumar M & Suresh Kumar C

ICAIEM- 2022- 68

Analysis On The Conception And Implementation Of Six Sigma For Process And Quality Improvement Strategies In Medical Device manufacturing Industry In India

Venugopal.S & K.S.Chandrasekar

ICAIEM- 2022- 27

Sustainable Project Success with Benefit Management Approach

Rakesh Kumar, Dhrupad Mathur & Pranab Kumar Pani

ICAIEM 2022-44

Exploratory Analysis of Internal and External Ergonomic Factors Affecting the Driving Comfort of Heavy Vehicle Drivers

Asok Kumar N & Regi Kumar V

ICAIEM 2022-48

Hybrid ergonomic approach for addressing musculoskeletal disorders

GorakshanathHanagi &
Mahesh Dhawalikar


Track IV
Date: March 19, 2022 Time: 2.00 PM- 4 PM
Topic: Marketing I

Session Chair: Dr.VivekKhanzode
Session Co-chair: Dr. Suresh Kumar C
Session Manager : Mr.Abhilash V S

ICAIEM 2022-33

Sustainable Marketing as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage for the Corporates


ICAIEM-2022- 65

Consumer Intention towards Buying Used Clothes

Nima Ravi, Ani Sam Varghese, Lekshmi Nair M, Sreekutty O U & Mohamed Azim

ICAIEM- 2022- 79

Building a Retail Digital Ecosystem

Azhar Basheer & Vinod R

ICAIEM- 2022-25

Internal Stimuli and its Influence on Online Impulse Buying Behaviour: - A Study on Multibranded Multiproduct Ecommerce Websites

Neethu Jose, F.J. Peter Kumar & Cris Abraham K

ICAIEM- 2022- 29

Role of advertising effectiveness on customer engagement and purchase intentions among youth

Jitha G. Nair & Ansa Mary Jacob

ICAIEM- 2022- 30

Effect of Online Product Review, Celebrity Endorsement, Product Involvement, Information adoption on Online Purchase intention among young shoppers during Covid-19

Manju Das S K & Anagha K G

ICAIEM 2022-32

The Impact Of Content Market Strategies On Consumer's Purchase Decision With Special Reference To Food & Beverage Industry

Bitha S Mani & Priya Prasad

ICAIEM 2022-49

Study of Challenges faced by Startups in Kerala

Bobin Chandra B, MSR Mariyappan & Sruthy S Krishna


Track V
Date: March 20, 2022 Time: 11.0 0 AM -12.30PM
Topic: Marketing II

Session Chair: Dr.AjithSankar
Session Co-chair: Dr.Vinod M
Session Manager : Ms.JishaGopi

ICAIEM- 2022-06

Delving Into The Stp Marketing Of Health Tourism In Kerala

Rajeev Kariyil & Rincy V Mathew

ICAIEM- 2022-09

A Study On The Purchase Intention Of Textile Products Through Social Commerce Among Young Consumers

Anupa Sara George &
Jithin Benedict

ICAIEM- 2022-10

A Study On Influence Of Online Promotional Activities On Impulse Buying In Flipkart Among Youth In Kerala

Mahesh S & Jithin Benedict

ICAIEM 2022-40

Passenger Satisfaction of Public Bus Transport During Covid-19 Pandemic

Al Hafeez N & Regi Kumar V

ICAIEM-2022- 64

Consumer Perception And Purchase Intentions Of Buying EV's In Trivandrum

Nima Ravi, Munnu S.M &
Bijo J &Akhil Raj

ICAIEM- 2022-70

A Review on Innovation Possibilities in the Handloom Clusters in Kerala

Nidhi M B, P V Unnikrishnan &
Arjun R Nair

ICAIEM- 2022- 83

METAVERSE - A Emerging Trend for Better Customer Experience

MirajTaggala, Ajay Daniel Samraj Vijayaseelan, D.DivyaPrabha &
V B Mathipurani


Track VI
Date: March 18, 2022 Time: 1.30 PM - 3 PM
Topic: Human Resource Management

Session Chair: Dr.R.Vasanthagopal
Session Co-chair: Dr.Hareendrakumar V R
Session Manager : Ms.Nima Ravi

ICAIEM- 2022-18

Comparison of aptitude skills of engineering and non-engineering graduates for effective talent management

Geevarghese K. Mathews &
Siby Zacharias

ICAIEM- 2022-24

Influence of Workplace Experience on Burnout and Employee Indifference among Managers in Retail sector

Merlin B Joseph, F J Peter Kumar & Cris Abraham K

ICAIEM 2022-39

Women Empowerment Through JLG And SHG: A Case Study On Rayagda District, Odisha

Karteek Madapana, N V J Rao & Ashis Ranjan Mohapatra

ICAIEM 2022-50

A Study On The Challenges Of Learning During Pandemic

PavinShaji Mathew & Arunlal P L

ICAIEM-2022- 55

Employee Engagement- An Analysis On Information technology (IT) Sector Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Anchu P. R & Santhosh. P. Thampi


A Study on Emotional Dissonance and Job Involvement

Amal B S


Track VII
Date: March 18, 2022 Time: 3 PM - 4.30 PM
Topic: Technology & Operations Management I

Session Chair: Dr.Sini V Pillai
Session Co-chair: Dr.Reuban Jacob
Session Manager : Ms.Seema S


Naïve Bayesian Classifier for Assessment of Sustainability of a Project

Cinta Joseph Choondal


Lean Power Consumption-The importance of atmosphere into lean estimation

Deepak Asthana & Apurva Anand


Elimination of Stator Machining Bottleneck Activity by Fatigue Reduction and Cycle Time Optimization through PMTS Approach in a Motor Manufacturing Industry

Amod Desai & Mahesh Dhawalikar

ICAIEM- 2022-26

The impact of e-Commerce on Inventory Management-A study with effect from pandemic period

Jubi R & Nayana S Rajeev

ICAIEM 2022-37

Recall of medical devices - the determinants

Sandhya C G, K Srinivasan &
S Balram

ICAIEM 2022-41

Modeling of Food Supply Chain Resilience Using Haddon Matrix

T N Mubarak & Regi Kumar V

ICAIEM 2022-43

Review on Sustainable Practices in Supply Chains

Mohammed Riazur Rahaman & Subramanya K N

ICAIEM 2022-46

Identifying the relevant Project Management Tools in implementation of e-Governance projects - Journey from Traditional to Agile

Gayathri Chandrachoodan,
Radhika R & Ramesh Palappan


Track VIII
Date: March 19, 2022 Time: 2.00 PM- 4 PM
Topic: Technology & Operations Management II

Session Chair: Dr.Nidhi M B
Session Co-chair: Dr.Noorudeen M
Session Manager : Mr.AbhijithRajkumar

ICAIEM- 2022-11

A Two Dimensional Vehicle Loading and Routing Problem with Release Dates and Delivery Deadlines

Rahul Patil & Jai Kishan

ICAIEM 2022-36

Insights for supply chain resilience from the global chip shortage

George Joseph & Deepak Babu

ICAIEM 2022-47

Resistance to Telemedicine: Perceptions of Digital Natives in an Emerging Economy

Muhammed Sajid, Zakkariya K.A, Mukul DevSurira & Libin Thomas

ICAIEM-2022- 51

Line balancing in a telecommunication firm using Simulation Optimization

EkanshTari & Mahesh Dhawalikar

ICAIEM-2022- 56

Reduction of PCB scrap in Base Station Antenna (BSA) Manufacturing Industry by using FMEA Technique in Six Sigma Approach

SirajuddinMulla &
Mahesh Dhawalikar

ICAIEM-2022- 60

An AHP Approach to Prioritize Sustainability Enablers in Vaccine Supply Chain

AbysonScaria & Edison George

ICAIEM-2022- 61

Integrating Telemedicine Services in Primary Healthcare Network for Regulating Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Kaushal Kumar

ICAIEM-2022- 73

Selecting Sustainable Suppliers in an Electronic Supply Chain: The Indian Context

Rakesh R Menon & Ravi V

ICAIEM-2022- 74

Supply Chain Resilience through Digitalization: Prioritization of Key Factors and Designing of Model for Selecting Suitable Digital Solution

Deepu T S & Dr. Ravi V

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